Dhaka Regency as your Wedding Venue

-A Monitor Report 01 Nov, 2017  |    -      +
Dhaka : Experiencing an ideal wedding is a dream for every bridal couple. A right choice of wedding venue as astylar, magnificent and well-furnished Grand Ballroom at Dhaka Regency Hotel and Resport provides the perfect backdrop for wedding celebrations with an exclusive wedding package.

Plan your dream wedding at Dhaka Regency in its two luxurious wedding venues accommodating up to 650 guests for discerningly constructed and stylishly decorated arrangements.

Entrust the hassle-free wedding arrangement at Dhaka Regency with special attention and guidance from skilled catering team, customised food menu along with exquisite decorations and sophisticated lighting system all over the venue creates the unforgettable setting for a memorable occasion.

This wedding season has come up with unique opportunities at Dhaka Regency for the couple, family and friends to form fond memories through the exchange of vows.

There will be special privilege to catch a complimentary wedding celebration package under specific terms and conditions.

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