Tulsi Pati Tea remove illness, build body immune system

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Dhaka : Known for its medicinal properties, tea made from Tulsi Pati, has proved to be good for treating a number of medical conditions, such as_ pregnancy, diabetes and blood pressure.

For thousands of years it has been recognised as one of the most sacred of herbs or rather the "Queen of the Herbs" and has been identified in the fields of ayurveda, as a stimulator of healthy living. Tulsi Pati is known for its rich antioxidant and adaptogenic properties that are known to promote wellness by building the body's immune system, improving blood circulation, reducing stress and promoting mental clarity.

Tulsi Pati tea is a product of Rigs Herbs under the sister concern of Rigs Group marketed by Rigs Marketing all over Bangladesh. Din M Rana, Chairman of Rigs Group and Professor SM Imamul Huq, Chairman of Bangladesh Council of Scientific and Industrial Research (BCSIR), launched this product.

Tulsi is widely considered to be one of the most useful adaptogens because it has been found to reduce cortisol levels in the body, creating a soothing, calming effect on the nerves, fighting those damaging free radicals in the body, and improving overall blood flow. Moreover, Tulsi can be a great sleep aid, especially when enjoyed in the late afternoon or evenings.

"Dr Farmozul Haque, ex- Director of Science Lab is our company's Consultant, he informed, "Tulsi is a best product of herbal and our products are fully organic so, the tea contains no harmful chemical component for health and it would be helpful for pregnant women, patients of diabetes and blood pressure" .

Sk Humayun Kabir, DMD, Rigs Group and CEO, Rigs Marketing said, "Our products are_ Tulsi Pati Green tea, Pure Green tea, Black tea, Masala tea, Tulsi Pati Lemon Ginger tea, Tulsi Pati tea & Ginger and all of our products are packed in five layer."

"The diverse range of products with ensured standard, quality services and most effective administrative efficiency have made the company a market leader in the respective sectors of its function. Keeping business expansion in mind, the company is continuously taking up projects to make it, the largest trader and distributor in the business arena of Bangladesh despite fast-changing business trend. However, we are working keeping of innovation and diversification with different products of Tulsi Pati which demand in worldwide," he added.

It has good health benefits like_ boosting the immune system, fight against cold, cough and infection, helps to control cholesterol and high blood pressure, helps to maintain kidney, liver and lung function and reduces psychological effects of stress.

They have verity of tea but every tea has basic Tulsi combination. Every product has different health benefits.

Green tea is a perfect combination of green tea and holy basil (Tulsi), contains Vitamin A, E and C with a lot of minerals. Its health benefits are_ Anti-aging and degeneration process, improves blood circulation, removes constipation, keeps the brain active and reduces risk of cancer.

Tea and Ginger is smooth blend of holy basil (Tulsi), black tea and ginger powder is the natural remedy for cold, cough and store throat. It can control the cholesterol level and keeps the heart healthy.

Lemon Ginger is a refreshing natural drink and perfect blend of holy basil (Tulsi). It has dried lemon, ginger powder and natural sweeteners (Stevia) leaves. It can enhance stamina and stimulate energy, helps to promotes respiration and heart function, helps with digestion and gastrointestinal problems and relieves oxidative damage of tissues and acts as anti-aging.

Dia Tulsi is blend of natural herbs and holy basil (Tulsi). It can promote healthy metabolism, lowering blood glucose level, Helps to control diabetes.

Tulsi Pati tea is now available in all Agora outlets, Shwapno Super Shop, CSD Super Shop and Lavender Super Store Ltd. Big giant compete with us. Our price range of all products are very much comparative, he added.

According to Rigs Group, Tulsi tea is now being exported to Bhutan and trying to export to European countries after getting ISO.

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