Exciting weekends with Uber Intercity

_A Monitor Report Date: 16 November, 2020 | 52 Views

Dhaka : Office days are hectic and people are tired of staying at home for a long time; most are starting to roam around in the weekends to refresh their tired minds. So, it is necessary to ensure safety and cost-effective, time saving transportation.
Ridesharing companies like Uber are working to ensure all the safety measures and offering different services which are very much relevant in this new normal. To travel to the nearest places outside Dhaka like Gazipur, Narayanganj, and Savar, Uber Intercity is a convenient, affordable and safe option.
Maintaining the highest standards of safety and hygiene, all Intercity trips follow a comprehensive set of safety measures, including an interactive Go Online Checklist for both riders and drivers, a mandatory mask policy for riders and drivers, industry first pre-trip mask verification selfies for drivers, and an updated post-trip feedback mechanism and a cancellation policy.
For details, on how to avail Uber intercity services, download the Uber app. 

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