A 62.2% people would prefer to stay in a hotel while spending holidays within the country, says an online survey

- A Monitor Desk Report Date: 26 November, 2020
A 62.2% people would prefer to stay in a hotel while spending holidays  within the country, says an online survey

An online survey has found that 62.2% of hotel guests within the country during this time, represent holiday and family travelers, 31.1% Business travelers and the rest are for workstations. But 40% of respondents do not consider staying in a hotel, unless an effective vaccine is available in the market, while 28.9% will consider may be in the next three months or so and 31.1% feel that they do not mind staying in a hotel even now. 

This was revealed in an online survey, conducted by premier travel & tourism publication- The Bangladesh Monitor between October 1 and 25, 2020, and participated by 2148 respondents from different genders, professions, and ages.  Kazi Wahidul Alam, Editor of The Bangladesh Monitor disclosed the survey results at a webinar, held on Thursday, November 26, which was participated by leading hoteliers of the country, tour operators, representatives from media among others. Ram Chandra Das, Chairman of Bangladesh Parjatan Corporation was Chief Guest on the occasion.

In Bangladesh, 71.1% of people now prefer to stay in a hotel, when they are traveling, while 24.4% with their relatives and the rest with their friends. But a 44.4% of the hotel seekers would choose a budget hotel, 33.3% a 4-5 star hotel, and the rest a boutique hotel.

Amid the ongoing pandemic, 40% of respondents feel that health & hygiene protocols, maintained by the Bangladeshi hotels are not satisfactory, 37.8% consider those quite good, while 22.2% are not worried about it. 

Answering a question about what are the main challenges for the hotels to get back their business a 46.7% of respondents feel it is reduced people's confidence in traveling, while 27% think it is lack of foreign visitors and the rest 26.3% think reduced economic activities in the country.  

A majority of 53.4% of people feel that offering promotional room rents and attractive perks could attract more guests to the hotels at this time, while 33.3% suggest that the hotels should adopt innovative business strategies and 13.3% think they should undertake extensive promotional campaigns.

Booking through Online Travel Agencies (OTA) is the preferred mode of booking hotel rooms in Bangladesh now, as 52.1% opted for this, while 42.7 % prefer to do directly with the hotels and the rest through tour operators.

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